Doing The Right Way

How to Do the HCG Diet
Most of the doctors prescribe a certain diet for different people and they have to be followed and so you need to make sure that you know most of what is given. You should not run away from what has been given to you by the doctor and so you should always pay attention to every bit. If you are careful enough then you will not face any challenge concerning the HCG diet because you will learn everything about it.

If you need to follow some of these things then you will understand what it means by the HCG diet as outlined in this website and so you must keep check on them as you can view here. You will be able to learn a lot from this website about the human chorionic gonadotropic hormone and hence get detailed information as well as you can view here. You must be strict all the time you have chosen to start the human chorionic gonadotropic diet because it occurs in three phases and all of them must be followed.

The loading phase is the first stage of the HCG diet and you will have to do all the things that are recommended. In the first stage of the HCG diet there is nothing much to do rather than to eat foods rich in calories and expect the best results as well as you can view here. If the kind of foods that you take do not have lots of fats then you are required to add some of what you lack and the calories as well. This is the phase where you start the diet fully and the treatment of the HCG hormone kicks off by receiving an injection of what you could be expecting.

After the completion of the first phase you will expect to venture into the second phase where you will be losing weight. There are two core things that take place in the second phase. There are those who are really in need of this hormone and now you have the chance of getting what you need from this phase. It is mandatory that a person must receive this hormone treatment so that the diet can take place as required. The second thing that will be done in the weight loss phase is the low intake of calories an estimate of 500 calories or 800 calories in a day.

You will not be expected to take sugars and other foods that contain starch because weight will accumulate which is not the agenda. Those fruits and drinks with very low rate of calories will be good for you in this stage as you can view here. The phase last for about three to six weeks and you will the best results thereafter. The recommended things will be done at the maintenance stage since it is the last of the HCG diet as you can view here.