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Escape Rooms: What They Are and Its Benefits

Do you know what escape rooms are? What do you think are the benefits of playing these games? What are the reasons why more and more men and women are playing these games? To learn more about these games, continue perusing this article.

What These Games Are?

When we talk of escape room, we refer to a type of game that is played by teams of players and where they play cooperatively to accomplish tasks, to solve puzzles, and to uncover clues in limited period of time. Today, escape rooms are very popular, especially among employees during their corporate team building events. The primary goal of players is to escape the room after completing the task.

How It Is Played?

To play this game, you need teams comprising o
f 6 to 12 members. In here, members will use and will manipulate their surroundings to achieve their sets of goals. Players need to utilize all their senses and their brains to uncover the clues. Since spaces have diverse themes, players are thrilled and challenged, thus they need to work together to achieve the common goals.

What Are the Team Building Benefits of Escape Rooms?

These days, you can find lots of companies that include escape rooms in the team building activities of their employees because of the numerous advantages they can reap from it and some of these are further detailed below.

Escape rooms are effective in improving the problem-solving skills of their employees. When taking part of the games in escape rooms, they teams can use their critical thinking and problem solving skills in solving puzzles and situational games. These skills are used not just in these games but also in real-life situations and at work as well.

It boosts their productivity. Since teams work and collaborate with one another, they can easily solve problems and challenges.

It also improves the morale of workers.

It fosters sound and effectual communication among team members. To be able to solve puzzles and problems, they need to communicate their ideas and solutions to team members. By doing so, they can discuss and listen to the solutions contributed in solving tasks at hand. The same is true inside companies, employees need to communicate with each other and with their supervisors to relay tasks, to solve problems, and to convey ideas. Remember that effective communication can bridge gaps and fill in void in teams and among employees. Day-to-day communication is vital in organizational performance and operations, otherwise it will fail.

It defines the roles of each team members. When playing the different games, members had each role to play to solve problems. This is also true in organizations because each employee has each role and responsibility to carry out.

Inside escape rooms, different teams tackle challenges and problems differently. Clues are anywhere inside these rooms and it is up to them to find it. Members need to stay keen and alert on all the things they find in the room. These clues are connected to each other and it is up to team members on how to connect and to analyze it.

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