Alternative Right= Racism?

Dennis Sanders | March 14, 2010 | 12:12 am

If you haven’t noticed, there is a new magazine out there called “Alternative Right.” The name makes it sound like its made up of conservatives who don’t fit the mainstream and are interested in moving the conservative movement forward.


As Tim Mak, Alex Knepper and E.D. Kain have noted, this magazine is basically a gathering place for racists using intellectualism to make themselves look respectable.

As I heard all this criticism from other bloggers, I had to see for myself what all the hubbub was about. Is Alternative Right really that bad?

Short answer: yes. It is bad. Very bad. Take what they have to say about the coming demographic shift in America, as we become a “majority-minority” nation:

Look, group differences are a scientific fact. For a website that denounces those who don’t believe in evolution, it’s logically inconsistent but depressingly predictable that those at Frum Forum would deny the natural differences between whites and blacks or men and women…Anybody who wants to take the time to learn about the “pseudo-intellectual” studies that have been done on group differences and how we know they have a biological basis can read J. Phillipe Rushton, Richard Lynn, Michael Levin, Arthur Jensen, Charles Murray and Richard Hernstein on race and Steve Rhoads, Steven Pinker, Geoffrey Miller and Judith Rich Harris on gender. Or they can open up their eyes and look at the disparities in crime, socio-economic status and standardized test scores found always and everywhere.We would have the luxury of ignoring all this if it wasn’t for our current demographic shift, massive anti-white discrimination in the form of affirmative action or Stalinism at our universities in the name of fighting “hate.”White Americans have gone from 90 percent of the US population to 70 percent in the last forty-five years. They’re scheduled to become a minority by 2042. We can anticipate that there won’t be a single part of our society or culture unchanged by these population trends. It is those advocating we move ahead with this unprecedented demographic shift who should have the burden of proof on them to show that we’ll be better off.  Anyone who tries to will find calling people names to be much easier.

It’s hard not to look at all this and see a bit of white nationalism hiding behind all the nice sounding words. There is sense that people who are not white are inferior and will mess up America come 2042. Will American culture be changed by this demographic shift? Yes, of course. But the way it is worded in this blog post, you’d think we were talking of some coming apocalypse that will destroy our nation.

It’s gets better. Here is what they have to say about the head of Detroit schools and about all African Americans.

Notice that even the black woman who is supposedly in Mensa (I wonder if they race norm, or she isn’t just lying) thinks that not being able to write makes the school board chief a great representative of his community. Now I don’t blame this man for being unable to tell the difference between making it in the private sector and making it as a government bureaucrat in an affirmative action system. If he had the brainpower for that, he would’ve graduated from college within his first ten years or so. But all whites with hopes of ever seriously engaging the black community in America need to know the intellectual and personal qualities that they’re likely to come across among the African-American leadership.(emphasis mine)

Huh? This is the story of one African American and its taken as some kind of indicator that African Americans are dumb illiterates. Affirmative Action puts stupid blacks into the workforce.

Good heavens.

I doesn’t go without saying that as an African American, I am offended by all of this. But what really bugs me is that sites like Alternative Right will just feed into the belief that all conservatives are racists and that black conservatives and Republicans are “Uncle Toms,” ashamed of the African American heritage. It makes people think that conservatism is a racist ideology, something that it is not.

I have long advocated a Big Tent Republican Party. In the past, that has meant accepting moderates within the party. But it also means accepting people from every race and creed to represent what America is: e pluribus unum- out of many, one.

For those of us who see ourselves as Republicans and conservatives, we have to be willing to speak out against people like those associated with Alternative Right. This is my America too.