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5 Letter Words Starting with “DWEL”

5 Letter Words Starting with “DWEL”

If you’re a Wordle enthusiast, you know the thrill of cracking the day’s word. Let’s focus on a very specific category: 5-letter words starting with ‘DWEL’. This niche group may seem limited, but it’s perfect for those tricky Wordle moments.

Comprehensive List of Words

8-Letter Words

  • Dwelling
  • Dwellers

7-Letter Words

  • Dwelled
  • Dweller

6-Letter Words

  • Dwells

5-Letter Words

  • Dwell
  • Dwelt

Yes, it’s a short list, but “dwell” is a powerful word in the right context!

Deep Dive into “Dwell”

What Does “Dwell” Mean?

“Dwell” means to live in or at a specified place. It carries a sense of permanence or lingering.

Wordle Hints for “Dwell”

  • If your Wordle game shows ‘D_WE_’, it’s a strong hint towards “dwell.”
  • This word is a common English word, making it a likely choice for Wordle.

Usage in Sentences

  • “They chose to dwell in a quiet countryside village.”

Why “Dwell” Is a Good Guess in Wordle

  • Frequency: It’s a common word in English.
  • Uniqueness: The combination of ‘DW’ at the start is not very common.


Remember, “dwell” might be your key to success in your next Wordle game. Keep this word in mind for those challenging puzzles!


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