How Long Does Home Depot Curbside Pickup Take?

How Long Does Home Depot Curbside Pickup Take?

Home Depot’s curbside pickup service offers a convenient way for customers to get their purchases quickly and efficiently. This service is especially useful for those who want to save time or prefer contactless shopping. But one question often arises: “How long does Home Depot curbside pickup take?” This article delves into this question, providing insights and tips to enhance your shopping experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Efficiency: Most orders are ready within a few hours.
  • Factors: Order size, item availability, and store workload can affect pickup times.
  • Convenience: The service is designed for customer ease and comfort.

Understanding Home Depot’s Curbside Pickup

Order Placement and Processing

Placing an order for curbside pickup at Home Depot is straightforward. Customers select their items online, choose the curbside pickup option, and complete their purchase. Behind the scenes, store employees work diligently to gather and prepare the order. The time taken for this process can vary depending on the items’ availability and the store’s current workload.

Notification and Check-In

Once the order is ready, customers receive a notification via email or text. To streamline the pickup, customers should use the Home Depot App for a smooth check-in process upon arrival at the store.

Comparisons and Choices

Curbside vs. Store Pickup

Curbside Pickup offers the convenience of staying in your vehicle while an associate brings out your order. It’s ideal for those who prioritize convenience and minimal contact. Store Pickup, on the other hand, requires customers to go inside the store to collect their items, which can be faster for smaller, readily available products.

Enhancing Your Pickup Experience

Adding a Pickup Person

Sometimes, you might not be available to pick up your order. Home Depot allows you to add another person to pick up the order on your behalf. This can be done easily through the Home Depot App or website by providing the person’s name and contact information.

Inventory Checks

To ensure the items you need are in stock, Home Depot’s website offers real-time inventory tracking. This feature helps you to verify the availability of items at your local store, saving time and ensuring your order is ready quickly.


Home Depot’s curbside pickup service is designed to offer convenience and efficiency. Understanding how it works and utilizing the available tools can significantly enhance your shopping experience. Whether it’s a quick pickup or a large order, Home Depot’s service caters to a wide range of customer needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long can I wait to pick up my Home Depot order?
    • Home Depot typically holds curbside pickup orders for a few days. It’s best to check the specific timeframe in your pickup notification email.
  2. What is the difference between store pickup and curbside pickup at Home Depot?
    • Store pickup requires you to go inside the store to collect your items, while curbside pickup allows you to stay in your vehicle and have items brought out to you.
  3. How do I add a pickup person for my Home Depot order?
    • You can add a pickup person through the Home Depot app or website by entering their name and contact information.
  4. How can I find out if something is in stock at Home Depot?
    • Home Depot’s website offers real-time inventory tracking for each store, allowing you to check the availability of items before placing an order.

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