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Love, Camera, Action! Capturing Your Big Day with a Twist

Love, Camera, Action! Capturing Your Big Day with a Twist

Your wedding day goes by in a flash. As you walk down the aisle and say your vows, it can feel like you’re in a dreamlike state. Before you know it, the reception kicks off and flows into dancing, laughter, and creating memories with your loved ones.

It’s no surprise that photographs are one of the most important parts of your wedding to help you remember and cherish these special moments for a lifetime. But how do you make sure your wedding photos creatively and uniquely capture your love story?

Key takeaways:

  • Plan ahead with your wedding photographer like Andrea Sampoli to capture unique moments
  • Get creative with wedding photo ideas like first look photos, drone photography, nighttime photos
  • Focus on capturing emotional moments like reactions, candid interactions, etc
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try non-traditional photo ideas
  • Make sure to get portraits of you with important people like family, bridal party, etc
  • Work with your photographer on a shot list to make sure all key moments are captured

Get Creative with Unique Wedding Photo Ideas

Traditional wedding photos are nice, but thinking outside the box can take your wedding pics from boring to extraordinary! Here are some ideas to make your wedding photos pop:

First Look Photo Shoot

Capture that anticipation and excitement of seeing your soon-to-be spouse for the first time on your wedding day. Plan a private first look photo shoot before the ceremony with just the two of you and your photographer. The real emotion and reaction of this intimate moment will be priceless to capture in photos.

Nighttime Photos

Create a romantic, ethereal vibe with night photos. Use twinkle lights, candles, etc to set the scene. Photos of your first dance silhouetted against string lights are so dreamy. You can also get artsy light photography during your reception or go night swimming in wedding attire.

Drone Photography

Get a unique bird’s eye view perspective with aerial drone photography and video. This can capture grand venue scenes from above or intricacies like the layout of reception tables. Drone photography can also follow along for unique processional and recessional photos.

Fancy Portraits

Portraits don’t have to just be standing and smiling. Get creative with prop, lighting and scenery. Share a intimate moment sitting together under a tree. Walk together on a beach at sunset. Pop some champagne sitting in a luxurious bubble bath. The options are endless!

Funny Photos

Candid, funny photos that capture your real personalities are a must. Jump shots, silly faces, laughing photos, dip kisses and more quirky photos like this will be favorites to look back on!

Don’t limit yourself on your wedding day. Keep your mind open to capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments in an artistic way!

Focus on Telling Your Love Story

Your wedding photos should reflect your unique love story as a couple. This means focusing on authentic emotional moments, interactions and behind-the-scenes ritual photos that have meaningful significance.

Capturing Reactions

From tearing up during vows to uncontrollable laughter at speeches, don’t miss out on documenting real reactions throughout the day. These joyful, touching reactions will be more precious to look back on than posed, static photos.

Make sure your photographer captures the reactions of guests during vows, the first look photo shoot, the newlywed kiss, first dance, toasts, etc.

Candid Moments

Posed photos have their time and place, but images of genuine interactions and authentic moments will truly help you remember the feel of your wedding day. Candid photos of you and your partner gazing into each other’s eyes, laughing with bridal party members, dancing when you think no one is watching, etc.

Allow time and encourage your photographer to blend in and photograph real, unscripted moments in between the formal portraits and family photos.

Bridal/Wedding Party Photos

Don’t miss out on photo opportunities of getting ready, silly moments and rituals with your best gals or guys. Special moments with your bridal squad like popping champagne, jumping on the bed, opening gifts, bonding moments and putting on the dress deserve to be captured.

Make sure to do bridesmaids and groomsmen photos in addition to wedding party photos with the bride and groom.

Behind-the-Scenes Rituals

From slipping on your heels to having buttons buttoned on your groom’s jacket, ask your wedding photographer to capture emotional and intricate ritual moments that happen behind-the-scenes. Details like wedding rings being slipped on fingers, a father’s first look at his daughter, drying each other’s happy tears all make for heartfelt photos.

Remember the Basics – Portraits, Venue & Details

While having a focus on creative, authentic photos is key, you also want to make sure you remember to capture all the basic wedding photos you will cherish.


  • Bride and Groom Portraits: Make sure to get both close up and full body photos of the bride and groom together. Capture different angles, positions and backdrops.
  • Wedding Party & Family Portraits: Schedule portraits with bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, parents, grandparents and other important family groupings.
  • Candids with Guests: Don’t forget to get candids with wedding guests like friends, distant relatives and other loved ones throughout the day.

Venue/Decor Photos

Your venue and decor are likely a huge part of your overall wedding vision. Make sure all elements are captured in detail:

  • Venue grounds, hallways, bridal suite, etc
  • Ceremony decor like floral arrangements, aisle runner, chuppah, alter, etc.
  • Reception ballroom decor like centerpieces, signage, cake table, sweetheart table, etc.
  • Unique elements like photo booths, lawn games, guestbook, etc

Ring/Detail Shots

  • Close ups of rings, bouquets, invitations, favors, placecards, etc
  • Details like shoes, jewelry, cufflinks, ties, perfume, makeup brushes, etc.
  • Dress details like lace, beading, back view, train, etc.

With your photographer’s artistic eye, these intricate details will be elevated into artful images.

Create a Shot List with Your Photographer

To ensure you get all the photos you want, create a detailed shot list with your wedding photographer. Make sure it captures all of the following:

  • Portraits – bride/groom, wedding party, family
  • Venue – grounds, bridal suite, ceremony space, reception ballroom
  • Details – rings, bouquets, attire, decor elements
  • Moments – first look, walk down aisle, vows, kiss, dances, speeches, sendoff
  • Reactions – crying, laughter, joy
  • Candid Interactions – embrace, whispers, jokes, gazing
  • Fun Photos – jumping, silly faces, prop photos
  • Unique Locations – a pretty field, bodies of water, staircases, fountains, etc near your venue

Print out your shot list and go over it in detail with your photographer in advance so you are aligned on capturing all the most important moments. This will give you peace of mind that your full love story will be documented in beautiful photos you will cherish forever!


Your wedding day truly flies by in the blink of an eye. You’ve spent so much time carefully planning out every intricate detail. Make sure you take the time to also thoughtfully plan out your wedding photography to creatively capture this special day.

By focusing on authentic emotional moments, having fun with unique photo ideas and remembering traditional portraits and venue shots, you will have stunning wedding photos that tell the story of your love.

Years from now, you will be so grateful to look back on these photos and videos that artistically capture the overjoyed look on your partner’s face when you walked down the aisle, the touching toast your maid of honor gave that moved everyone to happy tears, your loved ones letting loose and dancing the night away, and most of all – the undying love and commitment you share with your new spouse.

So don’t leave your wedding photography as an afterthought. Instead, prioritize planning creative, amazing photos that will help you remember the beauty of your big day for many anniversaries to come. Love, camera, action – let the wedding photo magic begin!


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