What is Dinar Chronicles?

What is Dinar Chronicles?

Dinar Chronicles is a popular website for those interested in the Iraqi Dinar and the potential global currency reset or revaluation (RV). The site provides daily updates on what it calls the “Restore Republic” and the progress of the Global Currency Reset (GCR).

Key Takeaways

  • Dinar Chronicles is a website dedicated to providing news and updates related to the Iraqi Dinar and the global currency reset.
  • It covers topics like the RV, GCR, Great Awakening, QAnon, NESARA/GESARA, spirituality, and ascension.
  • The site emphasizes that its content should not be considered investment advice and viewed as rumors.
  • Visitors can find daily intel updates, exchange rates, and forums to discuss Dinar-related topics.
  • Caution is advised in using the information on Dinar Chronicles to make financial decisions.

Overview of Dinar Chronicles

Dinar Chronicles was created to share information and updates concerning the Iraqi Dinar, GCR, RV, and other related topics without censorship or bias.

Some key things to know about Dinar Chronicles:

  • It is a free website that anyone can access.
  • The site does not provide financial or investment advice. The content is speculative and based on rumors.
  • There is a focus on the Iraqi Dinar, but it also discusses other foreign currencies like the Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar, Indonesian Rupiah etc.
  • The website was founded on August 15, 2012.
  • Intel providers submit guest posts with intel updates, opinions and predictions.
  • There is a forum for registered members to discuss Dinar-related topics.
  • It covers additional topics like the Great Awakening, Gesara, Nesara, Ascension and more.

The website emphasizes that its content is not guaranteed to be accurate and should not be considered factual or used for making investment decisions.

Topics Covered

Some of the main topics covered on Dinar Chronicles include:

Iraqi Dinar and Currency Revaluation

  • Latest news and updates related to the Iraqi Dinar, such as Dinar rate changes, reforms, auctions etc.
  • Predicted revaluation (RV) rate for the Iraqi Dinar.
  • Reasons and background behind an anticipated increase in the value of the Iraqi currency.
  • How a global currency reset (GCR) may impact various currencies.

Great Awakening and QAnon

  • The Great Awakening refers to a political and spiritual awakening happening worldwide.
  • QAnon is an anonymous source claiming to expose government corruption and scandals.
  • Dinar Chronicles covers the latest Great Awakening and Q posts and analyzes their meaning.


  • NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, while GESARA is the global version.
  • Belief that these acts will reset the financial system and create prosperity.
  • Claims that NESARA/GESARA will be implemented as part of the GCR.

Ascension and Spirituality

  • Discussion of the shift in human consciousness and ascension to a higher dimensional state.
  • Updates from spiritual leaders and channeled messages.
  • Holistic health tips and natural healing information.


  • Disclosure in this context refers to the unveiling of secrets related to UFOs, extra-terrestrials, suppressed technologies, etc.
  • Belief that the long-awaited full disclosure is imminent.

Regular Postings on Dinar Chronicles

Dinar Chronicles includes various regular postings including:

  • Daily Intel updates – Guest posts from intel providers like Delta, MenoReno, Bruce, MarkZ etc giving the latest rumors and speculation.
  • Blog updates – Posts from the founder “The Professor” and other bloggers.
  • Breaking news – Quick news updates as developments happen.
  • Video and Audio files – Recaps of calls and videos related to the GCR/RV from various sources.
  • Rates page – Shows updated exchange rates for various currencies including the Dinar but accuracy is questionable.
  • Forum – Registered members discuss Dinar-related topics in a message board format.
  • “In Search of Truth” category – A forum for discussing spirituality, metaphysics, ascension etc.

Who Can Post on Dinar Chronicles

The website allows different types of contributors to submit guest posts:

  • Intel providers – People who share information, predictions and analysis concerning the RV, GCR, politics, etc.
  • Channelers – Individuals who publish messages supposedly channeled from spiritual entities.
  • Dinar investors – Registered members who want to share their perspectives on dinar-related topics.
  • Other bloggers – Those writing about spiritual topics, global events, health etc.

The site owner emphasizes editorial control over the content and may remove posts deemed inappropriate without notice. Contributors should expect their work to be edited before publishing.

Things to Be Cautious About

While Dinar Chronicles can be an interesting read, visitors should exercise caution regarding its content:

  • The predicted dinar revaluation dates have come and gone multiple times over the years.
  • There is much debate about the legitimacy of claimed intel sources. Critics dismiss them as fake personas.
  • The site owner does not guarantee the accuracy of any content and there is no evidence to prove various claims.
  • Posts contain far-fetched conspiracy theories and decade-old rumors that lack factual basis.
  • There are warnings about potential scams that try to extract money from dinar investors.

So visitors should read the content on Dinar Chronicles strictly for entertainment purposes and avoid making serious financial decisions based solely on this website.


In summary, Dinar Chronicles is a hub for rumors and discussions about potential changes to global currencies, especially the Iraqi Dinar. It covers many topics related to global events, politics, spirituality and more from an unfiltered perspective. While the site can be an entertaining read for some, visitors are advised to fact-check information and avoid basing financial decisions solely on the content shared there. Approaching the intel and claims on Dinar Chronicles with a healthy degree of skepticism may be prudent.


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