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What is Gloriando? A Comprehensive Guide

What is Gloriando? A Comprehensive Guide

The concept of the metaverse has exploded in popularity over the past few years. With massive tech companies like Meta (formerly Facebook) investing billions into developing virtual worlds, it’s clear that the metaverse is here to stay. One platform trying to establish itself in this emerging space is Gloriando.

Gloriando is an online platform that allows users to create and share their own 3D virtual worlds. Known as a decentralized metaverse, Gloriando utilizes blockchain technology and gives users true ownership of digital assets within its virtual worlds.

But what exactly is Gloriando and how does it work? This comprehensive guide will explain everything you need to know about this unique virtual world platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Gloriando is an online platform that allows users to create and share 3D virtual worlds
  • It utilizes blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency called Blocks
  • Users can buy virtual land and assets in Gloriando worlds using Blocks
  • Gloriando aims to create a decentralized metaverse that is collectively owned by its users
  • The platform launched in 2021 and is still in early development stages

What is Gloriando?

Gloriando is an online platform that allows users to build and explore 3D virtual worlds. Similar to popular virtual world games like Minecraft or Roblox, Gloriando gives users the tools to construct environments and experiences within these digital spaces.

However, Gloriando differentiates itself by utilizing blockchain technology and giving users real ownership of digital assets. The platform uses its own cryptocurrency called Blocks which allows users to buy virtual land and assets.

The goal of Gloriando is to create an open and decentralized metaverse that is collectively owned and governed by its users. Everything within Gloriando is created by its community members.

Some key things to know about Gloriando:

  • Online platform for creating/exploring 3D virtual worlds
  • Utilizes blockchain technology
  • Own cryptocurrency called Blocks
  • Users can buy virtual land and assets
  • Decentralized and collectively owned by users
  • Community-driven with user-generated content

The Vision and Mission of Gloriando

Gloriando was founded in 2021 by a team of gaming industry veterans and blockchain experts. Their goal is to leverage blockchain technology to create a virtual world platform that is truly decentralized and user-driven.

The vision of Gloriando is to establish a metaverse that is collectively owned and governed by its community of users. The worlds within Gloriando are created entirely by its users.

The mission is to give people unparalleled creative freedom to build collaborative virtual environments while owning their creations through the transparency and security of blockchain technology.

Gloriando wants to move away from metaverses controlled by a single centralized entity. They believe that collectively owned virtual worlds hold far more potential.

How Gloriando Works

Gloriando revolves around user-created 3D environments called “metagons”. Metagons represent plots of virtual land that users can purchase and build upon. This virtual land is mapped to unique coordinates and recorded on the blockchain.

Users purchase metagons using the platform’s cryptocurrency, Blocks. Blocks serve as the main currency in the Gloriando metaverse and are used to buy virtual land, assets, items, and more.

After obtaining a metagon, users can begin constructing and customizing it. There are robust building tools that allow you to develop complex 3D environments like cities, game levels, art galleries, or anything else you can imagine.

Users can also buy assets like structures, vehicles, plant life, and other objects to add to their worlds. A marketplace features millions of items to furnish your metagon with.

Once finished, you can publish your metagon for others to explore. Gloriando worlds are interconnected, allowing you to visit and travel between the different user-created environments.

You retain full ownership of the metagon and any original assets you create. Your creations are securely recorded on the blockchain, giving you transparent proof of ownership that can’t be altered or erased.

Unique Features of Gloriando

What makes Gloriando stand out from other virtual world platforms? Here are some of its key features:

  • Blockchain-Based Ownership – All assets are NFTs recorded on the blockchain, giving transparent proof of scarcity and ownership
  • User-Generated Content – All environments and assets are created by users, not a central company
  • Customizable Avatars – Unique 3D avatars that users can customize with different clothes, accessories, and items
  • Robust Building Tools – Powerful creation tools allow you to construct detailed 3D environments
  • Monetization Options – Ways to earn income including selling metagons, assets, items, charging admission fees, etc.
  • Decentralized Governance – Direction guided by on-chain voting giving users a voice in future development

These features allow for open creativity, true ownership, and community-driven governance – fundamentally changing how virtual worlds operate.

Getting Started with Gloriando

If you want to start exploring and building within Gloriando, here is a quick guide to get you up and running:

1. Create an Account

First, you’ll need to go to and create a free account. Connect a crypto wallet like Metamask to hold your Blocks.

2. Customize Your Avatar

You’ll want to customize your avatar to stand out. Browse the avatar customization menus to change your look.

3. Acquire Some Blocks

Purchase some Blocks, Gloriando’s cryptocurrency, so you can start buying metagons and assets. Blocks can be acquired on crypto exchanges or within the platform.

4. Purchase a Metagon

Browse the metagon marketplace and purchase a plot of virtual land to start building on. Prices will vary based on size and location.

5. Start Building!

Use the building tools to develop your own environments. Add structures, terrain, vegetation, and customize it however you want.

6. Publish Your Metagon

When finished, publish your metagon for others to explore! Check out metagons made by others for inspiration.

With those basics, you’ll be well on your way to start shaping your own corner of the Gloriando metaverse!

The Technology Powering Gloriando

Gloriando utilizes blockchain technology and its own native cryptocurrency to facilitate virtual ownership and transactions. Here’s an overview of its technical foundation:

  • Proof-of-Stake Blockchain – Gloriando uses its own PoS blockchain which allows anyone to run a node and validate transactions. This allows the network to remain decentralized and owned by its community.
  • Blocks Cryptocurrency – Blocks (BLKS) serve as the native currency of Gloriando. It is used to purchase metagons, assets, items, avatars, names, and more.
  • Blockchain Asset Registry – All assets like metagons and items are registered as NFTs on the blockchain, giving users transparent proof of ownership.
  • Decentralized Storage – User-generated assets and worlds are stored on IPFS, a decentralized network of nodes rather than centralized servers.
  • Smart Contracts – Smart contracts automate transactions, enforce rules, and control ownership of assets on the blockchain.

This technology allows Gloriando to be collectively owned by users and keep censorship and asset deletionpower with its community.

The Gloriando Metaverse Economy

The Gloriando metaverse features a robust virtual economy that runs on its Blocks cryptocurrency. Here are some ways users can earn, spend, and monetize within Gloriando worlds:

  • Buy/Sell Virtual Land – Users can buy and sell metagons (virtual land) that are mapped to blockchain tokens. Prime locations sell for high demand.
  • Develop and Sell Assets – Create unique 3D assets like buildings, vehicles, clothing to sell in the marketplace for Blocks.
  • Offer Services – Provide services like interior design, architecture, marketing, or plugins for other users’ worlds.
  • Rent Ad Space – Monetize your metagon by renting out ad space to relevant brands and companies.
  • Charge Entry Fees – For popular metagons, owners can charge admission fees in Blocks to allow access.
  • In-World Transactions – Buy items, clothing, music, art and more directly from other creators using Blocks.
  • Staking Rewards – Earn staking rewards for holding and locking up your Blocks within the ecosystem.

These examples demonstrate just some of the economic opportunities presented within Gloriando for entrepreneurial users.

The Current State of Development

As an early-stage platform, Gloriando is still rapidly evolving and expanding its capabilities. Here is a look at where the platform is at in its development:

Beta Version

The first beta version of Gloriando was launched in 2021. This initial version showcased the core building tools, avatar system, and ability to purchase metagons.

Ongoing Growth

Throughout 2022, Gloriando saw steady growth in world-building, asset creation, and land sales as more users joined the ecosystem.

100,000+ Assets

As of early 2023, users have already created over 100,000 3D assets for sale in the Gloriando marketplace.

$50+ Million in Land Sales

Over $50 million worth of metagon land sales have already taken place, demonstrating strong demand for virtual real estate.

Mobile App in Development

A mobile app is currently in development that will allow users to interact with Gloriando worlds on the go from their smartphones.

User-Submitted Roadmap

Gloriando is working on a community roadmap based on user feedback and submissions for future platform developments.

While still young, Gloriando’s growth demonstrates the enthusiasm for open metaverse platforms owned by users rather than centralized entities.

Governance: How Users Shape Gloriando

One of Gloriando’s defining features is its decentralized governance model where users collectively determine the future direction of the platform.

Any GLMRS (Gloriando Token) holders can submit proposals for platform changes which the community then votes on.

Some examples of Gloriando’s community governance:

  • Development Fund – The community directly decides how to allocate funds for new developments and features.
  • Protocol Changes – Users can propose and vote on changes to the core protocol and economic structures.
  • Moderation – The community moderates conduct and content issues through on-chain proposals and voting.
  • Partner Integration – Which partners and brands to integrate is put forward and voted on by users.
  • Land Auctions – The community determines metagon auction formats and parameters through proposals.

This governance model allows the metaverse to truly be collectively owned and shaped by those who participate in it.

Future Aspirations for Gloriando

As a new platform, Gloriando has ambitious aspirations for the future. Some of the stated goals of the team include:

  • Reach 1 million+ monthly active users
  • Enable users to earn full-time incomes through their creations
  • Build robust creator tool suite for world-building and economy management
  • Expand device access to VR, console, mobile, and browsers
  • Create deeper social mechanics for relationships, communities, and collaboration
  • Integrate AI and machine learning to empower user creativity
  • Develop ecosystem fond to support artists, creators, and developers
  • Incorporate real-world events, concerts, conferences, and meetups

Delivering on these goals could establish Gloriando as a top destination for the next generation of the open metaverse. However, as a community-driven platform, the ultimate future will be determined by its users.


Gloriando presents a compelling vision for an open, decentralized metaverse platform that gives users true ownership over digital worlds and assets. By leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, it could enable new creator economies and community-driven experiences.

As a project in its infancy, Gloriando still has challenges to overcome and developments to implement. But the premise shows promise in moving toward the next evolution of social virtual worlds.

With invested users who collectively govern and shape its growth, Gloriando has the potential to become a premier hub for creation, culture, economics, and entertainment in the emerging metaverse landscape.


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